49Kolab is an open community and welcomes any type of contribution! We are committed to enable and support you to adapt Kolab in any way that is helful to you. Just connect with the community and start contributing!

Mailing Lists

The Kolab community uses several lists where development discussion takes place. Everybody is invited to subscribe to the mailing lists and join the discussion or ask for help. Passive reading is also possible via the archive. If you have not used mailing lists before, you might want to read about how to use mailing lists.


The Kolab community uses IRC channels where you can talk directly with developers:

  • In #kolab we discuss development of the Kolab server.
  • In #kontact we talk about the client.

Kolab Wiki

The Kolab Wiki serves as a repository for collaborative document writing. It's constantly being grown and refined by the community. It's also an open system and everyone is encouraged to sign up and improve the existing content.

Planet Kolab

Over at Planet Kolab, we aggregate together the blogs of our community members, so you can easily read what they have to say. If you like your blog to be included as well, let us know!