Get Kolab

Kolab is made up of several components, each freely available and built upon the best quality Free Software. Most of the software required to deploy Kolab Groupware should already be part of your GNU/Linux distribution. The help section gives more information about the prerequisites for running a Kolab installation, as well as more detailed installation instructions.

Binary Releases

All releases can be downloaded from See the next section for how to install Kolab on your system. Please note that the OpenPKG packages from are deprecated. If you encounter any problems, please report them at

Current stable release: 3.4


A detailed installation guide is available at Please make sure to follow it step by step, otherwise you most likely will run into trouble.

Native packages are available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Fedora, Debian and experimental packages are available for OpenSUSE and Ubuntu. Please note that all packages except those for our reference platform RHEL are a community effort and therefore need help from you to work properly.

Even though Kolab is included in some distributions, such as Debian, Ubuntu and OpenSUSE, these packages are outdated. We would like to get recent versions of Kolab upstream, but need more help to do that. Contributions are welcome and necessary.

Source Code

All Git repositories are available at If you are new to Git, there is some good documentation that you might want to check out.