Warning: This page is for historic documentation only and terribly outdated.

Kroupware Contract: A commercial activity (Okt 2002 - July 2003) leading to a groupware solution completely based on Free Software for mixed environments. Server running on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, or similiar. Clients available for KDE and Windows (NT,2000).

The concept and software is called Kolab1 and was used to start the Kolab Project. This website documents the Kolab history during the Kroupware contract.


May 10th, 2004: Security advisory for Kolab1 Servers.
August 6th, 2003: Kolab Server 1.0.5 released.
August 1st, 2003: Kolab Server 1.0.3 released.
July 28th, 2003: New download locations were announced.
July 25th, 2003: Pressrelease: Kroupware Project finished -- Kolab emerges
July 22th, 2003: Stable 1.0.1 of KDE Kolab Client released.
July 17th, 2003: Stable 1.0 versions of Kolab Server and the KDE Kolab Client released.

Public Mailing-List

The Kolab Project maintains several public mailinglists where you can also ask about Kolab1.


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