Kolab Presentations at FISL and Linuxtag

This week, Kolab.org will be presented at two conferences. The first one will show how Kolab can be a secure privacy asylum in a post-Snowden world. It will highlight Kolab's security architecture and show how you can run Kolab on a Rasperry Pi for yourself or in full blown datacenter for millions of users. The presentation will happen in Berlin at Linuxtag on Thursday May 8 on Stage B at 18:30.

If you can not afford the entry to Linuxtag, you will be happy to find out that there is free entry at 18:00 right before the Kolab.org presentation.

The second presentation takes place in Porto Alegre, Brazil at the International Free Software forum (FISL). This year's motto is Security and Privacy: Free Software in the struggle against Espionage. This topic would of course not be complete without Kolab. So our community manager Torsten will give a general introduction into Kolab, it's architecture and community. He will also motivate people to join our still lonely Portuguese community mailing list.

The talk will take place on Saturday May 10 in room 40T at 15:00. If you happen to be at FISL, make sure not to miss it.