Kolab 3 RC1 released as planned, packaged for OpenSUSE

Today we publish the first and probably also the last release candidate of Kolab 3. Yesterday evening, our lead packagers met in our public IRC channel, reviewed the outstanding bugs and found one blocker. Fortunately, Paul Klos came to the rescue and fixed it late at night, so we are able to release Kolab 3 RC1 today as planned. Users of earlier Kolab 3 releases can simply upgrade to the new packages since we are now on a rolling release. If you haven't done so already and want to give this new version of Kolab a try, you find the installation instructions as usual on docs.kolab.org. If everything goes well and no major blockers are found, we plan to release the final version of Kolab 3 on the 18th of December right in time for Christmas.OpenSUSE

Since the beta release, nothing exciting happened. We mainly fixed reported bugs and stabilized the Debian packages further. Still, there's something new to report: Our lead openSUSE packager Aeneas Jai├čle made great progress packaging Kolab for OpenSUSE 12.2. He split the packages up into a Kolab:UNSTABLE and a Kolab:Extras repository. All you have to do in order to install Kolab 3 with all dependencies, is to add both repositories:

$ zypper ar http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/server:/Kolab:/UNSTABLE/openSUSE_12.2/ server:Kolab:UNSTABLE
$ zypper ar http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/server:/Kolab:/Extras/openSUSE_12.2/ server:Kolab:Extras

For now Aeneas marked these packages as unstable, as they still need proper testing. Please let him know if you find any issues. Also, he's still looking for people to join his packaging team or help with other tasks such as updating the Kolab Wikipage for openSUSE.