The Kolab Groupware Solution offers Personal Information Management for deployments of any size. It runs on a Rasberry Pi and in clouds spread over multiple data centres. Kolab provides a secure, scalable and reliable collaboration server. Since it is Free Software, it is not only used by large companies and organisation, but also by many individuals who care about being in control of their personal information.

Email, Contacts & Calendars

Manage your daily influx of emails with Kolab's built-in email server and elegant webclient. Address books and calendars are also available on the web and on your mobile devices.

Files, Tasks & Notes

Kolab comes with a File Cloud and an advanced Task Management Module. You can also attach notes to everything and synchronize them to other computers.

Free Software & Open Standards

Kolab consists of 100% Free Software (Open Source), giving you freedom and flexibility. It also uses Open Standards all the way down to the storage layer to not lock in your data.

Built with Security in Mind

Kolab was originally designed for Germany's Federal Office for Information Security and still has security as one of its core values built right into its architecture.

Host Yourself or Use MyKolab.com

Your can either host and run your own Kolab server or let somebody else run servers for you. It is available as a hosted service to be used immediately at MyKolab.com.

Cloud-ready & Highly Scalable

All functional components of Kolab can be scaled up and down separately. In this way one deployment can serve millions of users. DR and HA setups are also possible.

Professional Support & SLAs

Kolab Enterprise is special version by Kolab Systems which is professionally supported for 5 years. It receives QA and comes with an SLA. Consulting and other services are also available.

Clients Available for all Platforms

There's dozens of client programs to be used with Kolab. A Desktop Kolab Client is available for professional users who need to be fully productive even when offline.

Technical Overview

Kolab is formed by a number of well-known and proven components to provide standards functions such as E-Mail, Directory and Web Service. It comes with a default configuration and default components, but everything is modular and can easily be changed.

Below you will find a diagram that shows the current architecture of the Kolab Server.