Kolab + CloudSuite: It's collaborative all the way down

More FOSDEM news: Kolab Systems's CEO, Georg Greve and Collabora's General Manage, Michael Meeks, will be signing an agreement during the event to integrate CloudSuite into Kolab.

(Collabora are the guys who offer enterprise support for LibreOffice, built the LibreOffice on Android app, and created LibreOffice Online.)

Collabora's CloudSuite supports word-processing, spreadsheets, presentations

CloudSuite is Collabora's version of LibreOffice in the cloud and comes with built-in collaborative editing. It allows editing and accessing online documents that can also be shared easily across users. Whole teams can collaboratively edit text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can access and modify the shared documents through a web interface, directly from the LibreOffice desktop suite, or even from Collabora's own Android LibreOffice app.

Of course CloudSuite supports the full range of document formats LibreOffice does. That includes, among many others, the ISO-approved native Open Document formats, and most, if not all, Microsoft Office formats.

What with Kolab also gaining collaborative editing of text documents (already available), and emails, notes, calendars, and contacts over the next few months, you're probably seeing where this is going: by combining Kolab with Cloudsuite, the aim is to integrate a suite of office tools, each and all of which, from the email client to the presentation editor, can be used collaboratively and online by all the users of a team. And we'll be doing it using exclusively free and open sourced technologies and open standards.

You can already edit texts collaboratively from within Kolab

So, to summarize with of a tongue twister: Kolab & Collabora collaborate on collaboration.