Kolab Summit 2.0: Putting the freedom back into the cloud.

Join us this June 24-25 in Nürnberg, Germany for the second annual Kolab Summit. Like last year's summit, we've accepted the invitation of the openSUSE Community to co-locate the summit with the openSUSE Conference, which will be held June 22-26 in the same location. And because we have some special news to share and celebrate, we're also putting on a special edition Kolab Taster on Friday June 24th. The overarching theme for this year's summit will be how to put the freedom back into the cloud.

Using the US cloud is increasingly fraught with technical and legal insecurities. Cross-border transfer of data is becoming more complex, and sovereign control of your data seems increasingly hard to achieve. Kolab believes there needs to be a better answer than simply giving up the benefits of the cloud, renouncing its convenience and cost efficiency. That is why during this year's summit we will be discussing the impact of the Safe Harbor ruling, and how Kolab has been working with our partners at Collabora and others to provide a fully open, collaborative cloud technology platform.


Join us to learn how Kolab has been helping Application Service Providers (ASPs) withstand Office365's onslaught, and how the cloud of the future will be running Kolab. Get exclusive insights and previews into our thinking, road map and the state of development of Kube and other components.


In the business section we will be talking with partners about our new partner programme, business opportunities Kolab offers, and how to build a valuable proposition for your customers around Kolab.


Finally, join us on the evening of the 24th for an exclusive Kolab Taster where we will have some major news to celebrate. And while you're there, don't miss the opportunity to also be part of the exciting openSUSE Conference, which has finally come home to Nürnberg, the home city of SUSE, complete with castles, food, beer and much to see.

Tickets are FREE, so grab yours today.