True Pros use Sub-addressing

What if I told you that with your one, single email address you really have an infinite number of addresses at your fingertips? That there's this thing, part of email since its very early days, that will allow you to never have to register another address in order to keep your messages organised?

It's called sub-addressing and it works like this: take a look at your email address, say it is something like The part before the @, that is, myaddress, is called the local part, and you can expand it with a + and a word or several, as long as they all run together. If you have, for example, you can also have

  •, and

and many more, with no need to register new accounts at all.

You may not immediately see how this is helpful, but there are several things sub-addressing makes really easy. The most obvious is to use it for spam-catching.

You know when you register on a site and, for some unfathomable reason, they just have to have your email. It's weird, because you already registered with a unique user name (`not` your email) and password combo to log in, you verified you're not a bot be filling out a captcha, and you unticked the box that would've subscribed you to a newsletter containing "exciting news from our associated partners", despite how enticing that sounds. Why would the need an email address?

But they make you cough it up anyway, just so you can continue using their crummy services. No probs: give them

Next set up a filter in your Kolab Now account. Go to Kolab Now and click on Login and pick Webmail.

Log in and choose Settings from the drop-down menu on the right. Then click on Filters in the Settings column on the right. I like to keep my filters nicely organised, so I would click on the + at the bottom of Filter sets to create a new set of filters. Give your set a name and accept the defaults clicking on the green Save button at the bottom of the screen.


Next, with your new set selected, click on the + button at the bottom of the Filters column, and you should see something like what you we show below. Give your filter a name. I'm calling mine Totally Unwanted Relayed Deliveries, or T.U.R.Ds for short.

In the For incoming email, from the left-most drop-down menu, pick To. Moving to the right, in the next menu, pick contains. In the text box, type in your sub-addressed email you want to use as a spam-catcher. From the example above,

Move down to the ... execute the following actions: box and pick Delete message. You could also pick Move message to and then Trash in the next drop-down that appears, just in case not everything they send you is absolutely useless.

Whatever you pick, save your changes by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Add filters that use you sub-addresses.

That's it! Now you won't even see their messages.

Going one step further, you can use this trick to classify everything. If you are hunting for a job, create a new folder called Jobs (Settings > Settings > Folders > +).

Create new folders to classify your email in.

Then use in a filter to push your outgoing job inquiries and the responses you receive into the Jobs folder. In this case, the filter would look like something like what you can see below.


Notice that you now have two conditions, one for To to classify messages addressed to you, and another for From so you original applications and your own responses are also stored alongside alongside the emails from your potential employers.

Remember to use in your CV!

If you are fielding estimates to renew your kitchen, you can use, If you are are on an email list for your team at work, use And so on and so forth for everything.

Isn't that neat?