3 Reasons to start using Plesk's Premium Email - powered by Kolab

Premium Email, powered by Kolab hit Plesk's extension store last night. Here are three straightforward reasons why you should try it out:

1.- Premium Email is easy. Traditionally, setting up a groupware and collaboration servers has been hard. Not on purpose, it is not like we want to put anybody off, but these servers are made up of many moving parts. An email server is a complex thing all by itself, but give it full IMAP capabilities, combine it with calendars, tasks, notes, cloud file storage, a webmail interface and more, and you have a framework that only the most experienced sysadmins can install, configure and maintain.

Not anymore. Plesk's Premium Email, powered by Kolab takes away the pain. You can set it up just by using Plesk's wizard, and it is maintained by a combined team of Kolab Systems and Plesk engineers. The overhead for you is minimal.

And just because it is simple, it doesn't mean you will miss out on any of the features...

2.- Premium Email gives you everything. Whether you need the email and collaboration services for your own company, or you are providing for others, you will get all the features of a corporate grade email-groupware-collaboration service.

And everything can be shared: A user can share his contacts with a colleague or summon others to a meeting on his calendar. Whole teams can collaborate on tasks, and record their progress as they complete subtasks. You can effortlessly share files and folders containing documents, graphics, spreadsheets, and so on, using the cloud storage.

Premium Email works on all platforms: workstations, laptops, and mobile devices; you can access the services from anywhere with an attractive and functional web interface; and it also integrates with your existing desktop clients, including Outlook (2013 and up), Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and others.

But despite all of its flexibility and sharing features, your data and that of your users will always be secure...

3.- You can dump insecure, privacy-challenged companies. Kolab Systems and Plesk adhere to a strict and binding code of conduct that guarantees your data will never be sold to third parties. Kolab Systems and Plesk are both based in Switzerland, a country with probably the most stringent privacy laws in the world. Both things combined mean that, for companies and organisations that do not appreciate their data being leaked behind their backs, there is no better option.

Premium Email, powered by Kolab is available for Plesk users now.