If you like LibreOffice, you will love Kolab Now

Kolab Now users can start using the Collabora Online suite from directly within Kolab Now's web interface as from today. Kolab Now's online office is a webified version of LibreOffice and comes with a word processor, a spreadsheet application and a presentation editor. All are full-featured and, like their offline counterpart, support a very wide-range of formats indeed -- ODF of course, but also DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, and literally dozens of other formats.

The documents you create within Kolab Now enjoy the same extreme privacy protection you get for your email, tasks, calendars and contacts. Your data is stored by us, a Swiss company; using open source, peer-reviewed and audited software; developed by some of the most privacy-conscious engineers in the world; and protected by Switzerland's strictest privacy laws.

Kolab Now's office suite allows you to create new documents or upload them from you hard disk and work on them online. You can edit your documents on your own or invite colleagues to work on them with you. One user can start a text document and invite others to a session and they can all help to shape the final text. Several users can work at the same time on filling in cells of data on the same spreadsheet.

Write and edit ODF documents directly in your Kolab Now account.

And we're not done yet: among our next challenges is to provide a real time, embedded messaging service (read "chat") to make working with your colleagues easier and more fluid.

We have the full story on how this came to be here. We have also published a brief HOWTO so you can easily gets started and find your way around the interface.

You can try Kolab Now’s online office apps by signing up for a 30-day money back trial subscription.

If you represent a news organisation and would like to learn more or want to try Kolab Now’s office apps for a review in your publication, please contact our press person and request a demo account.