Make Kolab Now Beta (+ 3-Column Layouts)

Terrible puns aside, Kolab Now Beta is where you can test drive new features that we are considering for inclusion into Kolab Now.

If you would like to try out new layouts and bleeding edge services, you can access Kolab Now Beta simply by typing "beta." (don't forget the dot) before "" in the address bar of your browser.

Today we are trying out a new 3-column email layout for wide screens. The 3-column display shows you your email folders in the left-most column, the list of messages in the central column, and the right-most column displays the body of your selected message.

The 3-column layout makes a better use of wide screens, allowing you to see more lines of your messages and more messages in the message list, making it easier to work with large volumes of mail.

You can try the 3-column layout now by accessing Kolab Now Beta and clicking on the gear icon to the left of the Subject column above your message list.

Check out this short video showing the whole process.

DISCLAIMER: The features we test run in Kolab Now Beta are by definition unstable. Although we are pretty sure nothing terrible will happen to your data (it is backed up and secured), we cannot take responsibility if by using Beta your productivity drops, your sanity wanes, or indeed, you accidentally erase something.

Also, Kolab Now Beta is there so you can help us improve Kolab Now. If you come across a bug or have a suggestion to improve a feature, visit us on the Kolab Hub and let us know.

To know more about the things we try out on a regular basis, follow @kolabops on Twitter and strap in, because the ride is pretty wild!