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Steps to Enable Flash on Google Chrome
Google chrome is a free, quickest and smartest web browser that gives the user fast and easy to use service.
Steps to Enable Flash on Google Chrome:

First user have to open google chrome on his computer. If user have a windows in his computer, then he will find it in the start menu. And if user have using Mac then it will be in the Application folder. Then user need to click on the “menu”, he will find it near the top-right corner of the chrome. Near the bottom of the menu, user will see a “settings” button, and click it. User need to scroll down and click on the “advanced” option, it is the link at the button of the of the page and then the additional settings will appear. Then again scroll down, and click on the “content settings”. User will find this toward the bottom of the “privacy and security” option. Click on the “flash”, near the middle of the list. Then user need to slide the switch to the ON position, When user switch on then websites trying to load flash content will prompt the user to enable the flash player.If the switch is already blue, flash is enabled then user doesn’t need to make a change. User need to open the website that uses Flash, this can be any site including games and video sites and when the site load the Flash content, user will get a message asking if he would like to enable Flash. Then user need to click on the “click to enable Adobe Flash Player” and then a confirmation will appear. To run the Flash, user need to click “allow” button. When user shut down the browser ,google chrome reset the flash settings. In case, user get an error, then he need to click on the padlock icon on the left side of the address bar, Then click on the “site settings” and select “allow” When user reload the page flash content will appear.
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After apply these methods, user still can’t enable the flash on chrome, then he will contact the google support via phone call. User will directly talk to the tech support team regarding his issue and get instant help. The support technician will provide the user, better and quick service at around the clock.