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  • RE: New CalDAV Synchronizer for Outlook
    always comes the message that Autodiscover has a problem

    More details would be welcome (details, details, details ..) You can create a task here: for that which would be quite helpful as well. Please be sure you are using the most recent syncrotron, e.g. the version packaged with 16.1

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  • RE: I need KOLAB Vector logo

    I have sent the logo to you by email :)

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  • RE: Outlook; Bynari

    Generally, most are using ActiveSync with Outlook. There is a new package of Kolab's ActiveSync implementation coming shortly that adds things like multiple calendar support.

    The MAPI connectors are not well supported, and really not so pleasant IME.

    Another option is to use IMAP + CalDav/CarDav using a plugin like or or

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  • RE: Email deleted in Roundcube are not going to Trash folder

    Yes, it's a good question why this is the default. Perhaps worth creating an issue on the Roundcube project so it can be discussed / answered by the developers so others may not have to search :)

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  • RE: HTTPS ReverseProxy - How to configure chwala ?

    What (if anything) are you seeing in Roundcube log files when trying to use the files integration (chwala)?

    Was it working without the reverse proxy in place? If so, is the domain/hostname/IP that services are using to connect to chwala going through the reverse proxy, or?

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  • ActiveSync and multiple calendars

    Just a quick note that Kolab's ActiveSync will support multiple folders, and therefore multiple calendars, in the next release (which is imminent). This means Outlook 2013 and newer as well as mobile clients can see multiple calendars over ActiveSync! There are some caveats, as Outlook 2013 does not show calendars in a hierarchy when getting them over ActiveSync, but we hope these issues will get sorted over time.

    Still, a significant step forward.

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  • RE: Wallace 100% CPU in Kolab 16

    We've seen this in some installations. Here is a possibly relevant bug report you may want to follow:

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  • RE: Help shape Kube's user interface!

    @haidersmith said in Help shape Kube's user interface!:

    Kobe looks like it will be awesome though it would be really good to see it fix some of the things that are annoying about Kontact @aseigo

    1. Kontact by default has local folders and these can't be hidden even with an IMAP account hooked up

    2. Difficult to map folders such as Sent, Trash, etc. Even with an IMAP account hooked up, I found these all being placed in the local folders - this takes me back to POP3 days - surely we don't want to go there. Kube should respect RFC 6154 (Special-Use).

    These are the sorts of reasons we are working on Kube. Improving these areas of Kontact are near impossible due to how certain assumptions are baked in. Yes, everything is possible, but the amount of work and the risk that incurs on the rest of the code base is just too high.

    Don't work .. in Kube there will be no mandatory local folders, and utility folders are being handled automatically to avoid syndromes like "I have to re-associate the correct Trash and Sent folders with my account every few months because Akonadi/Kontact loses track of them..".

    We've done years of work on Kontact to make it smoother, and we've made huge strides there, but there is a very difficult, very strong set of limits within that code base... so we're taking the best bits of code from KDE PIM and building something on it that avoids such issues.

    In that sense, you can think of Kube as the thing fixing the annoyances in Kontact.

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  • RE: [Feature Request] Email Reminders for Tasks & Events

    Thunderbird definitely supports desktop notifications for events, though I have found that they are not always perfect (e.g. I have had Thunderbird notifications get "stuck" such that they are not dismissable and just keep firing every N minutes).

    Most other applications also support reminders/notifications: Kontact, Outlook (ugh!), etc. I often set reminders on events and get them on mobile, desktop and via the web client .. sometimes all at the same time (which is always fun when the home or office "lights up" in a notification chorus)

    So this could be solvable just by discovering how to use those notifications! That said, having other options that are driven by the server-side could be interesting. It would require that something would process and schedule such reminders and then act on them. Setting the notifications could perhaps be automated via Wallace or manual via the client (and this would then be client-specific again), but the scheduling / processing on the server side would necessarily be something new.

    Having a generic "remind me" service could be quite interesting. Imagine being able to send reminder messages by email, SMS, IM, etc. in response to calendar events, task deadlines (which are really just calendar events under the hood...) ...

    Would be a neat project for someone with the interest to take it on. Unfortunately, there is nothing in Kolab currently where this would fit naturally, it would necessarily be a new service alongside all the others that drive activesync, *dav, etc...

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  • RE: Sending mail in the name of group.

    One very nice way to accomplish this is to create a shared folder in the admin panel and associate an email address with it. This address does not need to exist as an account, it is essentially an automatically-filtered-into-that-folder-virtual-address. Then give everyone in the appropriate group access to that folder (using roles or groups, so you can manage this among many users nicely). At that point, everyone who has (write) access to that folder can also send as that email address, as well as read the emails that go into that folder (such as emails that are sent to the associated address).

    I do not know what you mean by "name of by gmail account" .. if you mean "can you use a gmail account for this", then that is entirely outside of Kolab's world and must be configured in your mail clients separately and individually. Just use an email address in your Kolab instance as described above. Much easier!

    p.s. if you are running Kolab in your company infrastructure, you should really consider getting a support subscription. It is worth every penny for the ability to file support tickets, get access to rolling updates, etc.

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