Email alias are not treated as one user in event invitations

  • If a user uses a different email alias to confirm an event invitation than the email the invitation was sent to, the answer (accept event) gets treated as a new user wanting to join the event. This leads to the situation where a user is two times on the participants list. Once with the alias the invitation was sent to (with the status needs-action) and once with the alias from which the confirmation was sent (with status accepted). This is not what a user would expect.

    Is there a way to have Kolab treating event invitations/answers from different aliases as one user?

  • This is typically a client issue, in that it does not know that the two addresses are an alias for each other. This is complex for calendaring since just because you have 2 email addresses does not mean they are equivalent for the purposes of invites (e.g. my and my addresses are not equivalent, but both are "me"). I don't think there is any "these aliases are equivalent for the purposes of calendar invites" settings, however ... It's a thing I run into from time to time myself, so I feel the paper cut, but it's not exactly a huge issue (and I see this with people on other groupware systems with whom I work from time to time as well, so .. yeah .. calendaring... complex.)

  • Thanks for the clarification, Aaron! We can work around by using only use one address. Thought it would have been nice to have such a feature, it's nothing really of crucial importance.

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