Kolab Notes on Android

  • Hi,
    i dont get it to work, no matter if choose kolab or imap.
    I have my own kolab3 server, version 16.
    What i'm doing wrong, are there any logfiles?

  • Hi everybody!

    Thanks you @greve for the promotion :-)

    @zu4lu if sync fails, the app displays a notification which you can expand, there should be informations about the problem, can you please post it here or open an issue on GitHub? I will have a look on it!

  • @zu4lu guam may be blocking your groupware folders

  • @marko guam should be no problem, I have tested it, but sometimes (I can't reproduce it) the "sync shared folders options" makes problems. So @zu4lu maybe you uncheck it in the accounts settings and tell us if it changed the situation.

  • With the latest version of the app, the sync problems with the "sync shared folders" should be fixed

  • @konradrenner
    whatever i try with my kolab server (kolabserver, imap, with and without ssl) on the latest app available in play store, i get

    authentication failed

  • Hello,

    I don't get it to work.
    I have installed latest version from playstore in Android 6.01.
    if I create a note on my iPhone it's syncronized to the Android kolab App.
    But in the opposite direction, it fails.

    I don't see any error message, except a notification on the lockscreen.


  • Are you using a mix of the Apple notes and Kolab Notes App?
    The notes are stored in different formats, so sync between those apps is not supported at the moment

  • @the_ please report an issue on the project site on github: https://github.com/konradrenner/kolabnotes-android so that I can analyze and document the problem, if it still occurs