Kolab Notes on Android

  • Notes are one of the most important and useful features in daily life, especially when moving between mobile, web and desktop.

    Kolab Notes is wonderful solution for that which I use daily. Available via F-Droid and Google Play, Kolab Notes supports multiple Kolab servers / accounts and allows you to take notes on the go and look up notes on your phone.

    My standard use cases are the "let's read this later" over having minutes of our meetings in a shared folder on a Kolab Server always available for looking up and editing on the phone. Also what I really like is making quick scribbles - the paint mode is great fun. I've set up screens for work and personal on the phone, each with two widgets on them: Task lists & notes, from the personal and work accounts. That way it is easy to have the entire picture and all relevant information quickly at bay.

    So in case you are using Android -- perhaps even a fully Free Software community ROM without Google Account -- Kolab Notes is the perfect companion for your fully liberated mobile experience. Written by Kolab community member Konrad Renner as fully Free Software / Open Source, it is your secure, private way to keep track of your notes with all the benefits of "the cloud."

  • @greve Thanks for the tip! I downloaded it and will try it out now.

  • Hi,
    i dont get it to work, no matter if choose kolab or imap.
    I have my own kolab3 server, version 16.
    What i'm doing wrong, are there any logfiles?

  • Hi everybody!

    Thanks you @greve for the promotion :-)

    @zu4lu if sync fails, the app displays a notification which you can expand, there should be informations about the problem, can you please post it here or open an issue on GitHub? I will have a look on it!

  • @zu4lu guam may be blocking your groupware folders

  • @marko guam should be no problem, I have tested it, but sometimes (I can't reproduce it) the "sync shared folders options" makes problems. So @zu4lu maybe you uncheck it in the accounts settings and tell us if it changed the situation.

  • With the latest version of the app, the sync problems with the "sync shared folders" should be fixed

  • @konradrenner
    whatever i try with my kolab server (kolabserver, imap, with and without ssl) on the latest app available in play store, i get

    authentication failed

  • Hello,

    I don't get it to work.
    I have installed latest version from playstore in Android 6.01.
    if I create a note on my iPhone it's syncronized to the Android kolab App.
    But in the opposite direction, it fails.

    I don't see any error message, except a notification on the lockscreen.


  • Are you using a mix of the Apple notes and Kolab Notes App?
    The notes are stored in different formats, so sync between those apps is not supported at the moment

  • @the_ please report an issue on the project site on github: https://github.com/konradrenner/kolabnotes-android so that I can analyze and document the problem, if it still occurs