Mountain Duck mounts Kolab files to your OS

  • From the developers of the free and lightweight file transfer client Cyberduck now comes Mountain Duck. An equally lightweight and easy to install addition to your Mac or Windows system smoothly mounting the Kolab file share as a drive into your desktop filesystem.

    Mountain Duck connects with Kolab via WebDAV, secured by HTTPS. Much more efficient than the native WebDAV integrations of both Mac OS X and Windows.

    Kolab Now users create a new bookmark "WebDAV (HTTP/SSL)" in Mountain Duck with
    Username: <your-kolab-now-email-address>
    Path: /files

    Custom Kolab installations use the following settings instead:
    Server: <your-kolab-host>
    Username: <your-kolab-username>
    Path: /iRony/files

    Give it a free try! The license fee is worth it and supports the ongoing development of the still free Cyberdruck client.

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