Sending mail in the name of group.

  • Hi, i just install Kolab and i have a problem in our company we have department groups. I wish that ppl can send e-mails in the name of group or in their own name. Our supplier will answer to the group. Please don't write about "Reply to" option in mail sending.

    Can i send mail in the name of by gmail account? or check e-mail.

    Wojtek from Poland

  • One very nice way to accomplish this is to create a shared folder in the admin panel and associate an email address with it. This address does not need to exist as an account, it is essentially an automatically-filtered-into-that-folder-virtual-address. Then give everyone in the appropriate group access to that folder (using roles or groups, so you can manage this among many users nicely). At that point, everyone who has (write) access to that folder can also send as that email address, as well as read the emails that go into that folder (such as emails that are sent to the associated address).

    I do not know what you mean by "name of by gmail account" .. if you mean "can you use a gmail account for this", then that is entirely outside of Kolab's world and must be configured in your mail clients separately and individually. Just use an email address in your Kolab instance as described above. Much easier!

    p.s. if you are running Kolab in your company infrastructure, you should really consider getting a support subscription. It is worth every penny for the ability to file support tickets, get access to rolling updates, etc.

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