How to Fix AOL Desktop Error Code 104

  • The use of electronic mail doesn’t just stop with sharing messages. Now this “email ID” is very essential, that it what that can recognize people from one another. Every internet application we use like facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc, anything we use requires an email ID for signing up. This ID acts as identification too. Therefore people should be aware of the mighty usages of emails and use them wisely.

    How does total email process work?
    There are three essential elements to make the whole process working.

    The client – The user with an email address on a computer

    The Mail User Agent (MUA) – The software used to access mail

    The Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) – The software that sends and receives mail on to a host or server.

    The Server – The mail server is where the mail will be stored so that you can access them.

    When you open your mail and refresh them, you are simply accessing your server to retrieve the new emails.

    The AOL mail similarly works with the same process. AOL mail was invented by AOL, a division of Verizon Communications. It is a free web-based electronic mailing service. They were pioneers during the starting email era. Currently, they have a whopping 2.1 million people using the AOL services. They were also in the dial-up connections field during the time when people were relying on dial-up connections for the internet. But today, many have migrated to broadband.

    From a total of 250 GB storage, they give you a maximum of 25 MB size attachment in one mail. They also offer spam protection and virus protection. Another wonderful feature like spell check feature is also included. They use POP3, SMTP, IMAP protocols.

    If a user has been inactive for more than 90 days the account will be deactivated. At this ppoint, the messages sent to that user will not be reached. On the inactivity for 180 days, the account may be deleted.

    You can customize your AOL mail by adding them to your computer system’s mailbox. They also have Android and iOS apps which are downloadable at Play Store and App Store.

    AOL today stands not only as an email application provider. They are also known for their media and internet presence. Their website gives the latest news and trending knows about in the current world. Every update is quick and this also a reason for many people using AOL as their primary email.

    How to Fix AOL Desktop Error Code 104
    Error 104 is basically a technical error that occurred in your system. This error has been given a specific numerical value so that it can be identified easily.
    The cause of this error is due to basically downloading contaminated content or incomplete installation of software, there is a reason to get this error. This error can damage your windows file if it can’t be fixed .
    But there are some troubleshooting by which you can remove this error.

    1. The first step is to uninstall the previous setup of AOL Desktop gold for your windows.
    2. After uninstalling the setup, you can download AOL Desktop Gold again.
      3 After reinstalling the new setup of AOL Desktop Gold, reinstall the new setup again and make sure that the installation should be completed this time.
    3. Then restart your computer again and open your AOL Desktop gold setup and check whether you get an error or not.

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