[Feature Request] Email Reminders for Tasks & Events

  • I think it would make sense to add a feature that sends email reminders for upcoming events and tasks. Currenty it only supports popup messages and sounds, but obviously that only works when using the Kolab web interface. In our organization however, many use common email clients (Thunderbird) and therefore miss reminders. So being able to set "email reminder" for tasks and events would be a huge improvement in my opinion. What do you think?

  • Thunderbird definitely supports desktop notifications for events, though I have found that they are not always perfect (e.g. I have had Thunderbird notifications get "stuck" such that they are not dismissable and just keep firing every N minutes).

    Most other applications also support reminders/notifications: Kontact, Outlook (ugh!), etc. I often set reminders on events and get them on mobile, desktop and via the web client .. sometimes all at the same time (which is always fun when the home or office "lights up" in a notification chorus)

    So this could be solvable just by discovering how to use those notifications! That said, having other options that are driven by the server-side could be interesting. It would require that something would process and schedule such reminders and then act on them. Setting the notifications could perhaps be automated via Wallace or manual via the client (and this would then be client-specific again), but the scheduling / processing on the server side would necessarily be something new.

    Having a generic "remind me" service could be quite interesting. Imagine being able to send reminder messages by email, SMS, IM, etc. in response to calendar events, task deadlines (which are really just calendar events under the hood...) ...

    Would be a neat project for someone with the interest to take it on. Unfortunately, there is nothing in Kolab currently where this would fit naturally, it would necessarily be a new service alongside all the others that drive activesync, *dav, etc...

  • A generic service would really be nice! It should be able to set reminders also to notes ;-) . Furthermore these reminders should be "syncable" so that client apps also can create and interpret reminders.

    The Kolab notes Android app has also a feature request for reminders, but I am not sure how to implement it, when there is no documentated or official way to do it: https://github.com/konradrenner/kolabnotes-android/issues/132

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