ActiveSync and multiple calendars

  • Just a quick note that Kolab's ActiveSync will support multiple folders, and therefore multiple calendars, in the next release (which is imminent). This means Outlook 2013 and newer as well as mobile clients can see multiple calendars over ActiveSync! There are some caveats, as Outlook 2013 does not show calendars in a hierarchy when getting them over ActiveSync, but we hope these issues will get sorted over time.

    Still, a significant step forward.

  • Thanks @aseigo this is great news! Looking forward to test it!

  • Hi @aseigo,

    in which version will it be implemented?

    I'm using the latest packages available on and compiled them for my Odroid/Raspi and ActiveSync only shows one folder


  • Kolabian

    This was implemented as tickets T224 and T2055. You can find more info there. Maybe not packaged yet. The feature is not enabled by default. You have to set $config['activesync_multifolder_blacklist'] = array(); in

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