Email deleted in Roundcube are not going to Trash folder

  • Hi everyone,

    Kolab 16 running on CentOS 7.

    I have found a strange behavior in Roundcube.

    When I delete an email using the 'del' key or the right-click menu, the email is removed from the view but doesn't show up in "deleted emails" folder.

    The email still exists in cyrus folders but not visible anymore.

    Is this expected behavior ?

    Best regards,

  • Replying to myself :-)

    vi /usr/share/roundcubemail/config/
    $config['flag_for_deletion'] = false;

    Still finding strange to have the default value to true.

  • Yes, it's a good question why this is the default. Perhaps worth creating an issue on the Roundcube project so it can be discussed / answered by the developers so others may not have to search :)

  • FYI, this isn't the default setting in Roundcube but has for some reason been chosen to be default in Kolab.

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