Outlook; Bynari

  • Does anybody know how to order the Outlook connector by Bynari? I send them an email but mail delivery failed.
    What is the best way to connect Outlook to Kolab? With ActiveSync you cannot copy mails to an ActiveSync Folder and IMAP in Outlook is not fully functional (it does not sync all mails).
    Thanks in advance!

  • Generally, most are using ActiveSync with Outlook. There is a new package of Kolab's ActiveSync implementation coming shortly that adds things like multiple calendar support.

    The MAPI connectors are not well supported, and really not so pleasant IME.

    Another option is to use IMAP + CalDav/CarDav using a plugin like https://github.com/aluxnimm/outlookcaldavsynchronizer or or http://www.outlookdav.com/

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