1-888-588-2108 Windows 7 Password recovery without disc?

  • Forget Windows 7 password? The situation becomes more troublesome when you don't have reset disc. But don't get worried as you can still recover password and log onto your system. Without reinstalling the system you can retrieve password using "password hint" option. When you don't have reset disc then you can use "Password Hint" that is displayed under the password box. We can also try password recovery software such as "Windows Password Recovery Pro" to unlock the PC.

    Four best ways to reset Windows 7 Password without disc:-
    Method 1-
    You can easily reset Windows 7 password using administrator privilege. To change the password, open Control Panel and click on "User Manager Panel". Navigate to User Account option and click on an account name. Now go to Single Account Setting Panel and make a click on Change Password option. Now input your new password for that account.

    Method 2-
    When you enter the wrong password at the login screen, Windows will display a message i.e., "Password is incorrect". After reading that message, click Reset Password option and insert USB flash drive. Now Password Reset Wizard will display and you have to follow some instructions for creating the new password.

    Method 3-
    We can also reset the password using Command Prompt. For this, go to Start button and select Programs

  • First, you should try to reset win 7 passcode no disk through Microsoft Account, or you can use Startup Repair to solve this problem as I do. If you have another user with the same administrative rights, this is the easiest, you can reset the password on another computer via Control Panel > User Accounts and Home Security > User Accounts > Manage Another Account.

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