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  • Hi all,

    we are using Shared Folders a lot. We came back from 365 since its implementation of Shared Folders is really poor. I'd really like to know how many of you uses Shared Folders and if you are happy the way it is now.

    This is a detail, but I have a few issue with Shared Folders root:

    • first: it is very redondant: Shared Folders/shared/.... (well obviously if it is in Shared Folders it is shared),
    • two: some IMAP Client seems not so happy with this setup for some reason (and this is specific to Shared Folders):
      • Mutt on unix: does not show Shared Folders (whereas Other Users are shown) (unless you explicetely directly go there)
      • Maildroid on android: same issue except you cannot go there directly.
      • Apple Mail: once in a while, especially if you delete another folder (not necessarilly a public one), the Shared Folders tree will collapse, most of subdirectory disappearing (restart apple mail and it's good again, so not too bad)
      • Thunderbird: once in a while, a "shared" folder will appear at the same level of "Shared Folders" and desappear quickly after.
    • Last: IMAP is case sensitive and /Shared Folders/shared/ seems a very illogical case system IMHO.


  • Sorry for capturing your thread but i think it fits good here.

    I massivly got the problem that the Seen Flag and others are not sync by IMAP.

    So in a Shared Folder like Info@domain.tld, user a dont see which mails are seen/read by user b.

    Maybe its my fault, but im tearing my hairs out of my head to find the issue.

  • Unsure about that but is it something to do with a "per user" state: by default in Cyrus, state (read / unread for instance) is a per user value. This can be changed.

  • PhiiiiL,

    did you use Settings -> Folders, check "Sharing" mod advanced and look at all the permissions? That would be my first guess. Check all permissions (the 12 of them) if you have not.


  • Hey, thanks for responding,

    even if i set all 12 permissions for "anyone" its not working.

    Even not on an fresh nearly untouched install.

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