Multiple FQDN - wich one to choose?

  • Hello Community

    i preparing to deploy a kolab-server into my private network. These network is (thanks to german providers) based on non-puplic ips/behind NAT. Furthermore the infrastructure provides DNS, NTP, Kerberos and a private CA. And here my questions starts....

    The Mailserver will be the first on, who will be reachable from outside (without VPN Tunnel). The designated Server has already an FQND (eq. server.private.domain where domain isn't a valid tld) who isn't published. The Public IP (IP-A) will be gained via VPN/PAT and be bound to a special IP (IP-B) at this server. The public FQND ( is bound to the static IP (IP-A). I'am able to "override" these FQND locally an bound it to IP-B. The lookup for localhost leads to a server.private.domain.

    So my Server owns two FQNDs, and is accessible via both at every time. Wich one should be the one to chose during installation and wich problems are to expect later?

  • @Raptor-2101 Hi, I think that you should choose the public one.

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