Special Folders (Contacts/Calenders) are propagated trough cyrus/imap

  • I've done a fresh install von Kolab 16 on Ubuntu 16.04 ( winterfell shows the same behaviour). After setting up everything all works well. User created, testmail received ...

    except as I tried to access Contacts/Calanders through Kontact. After short digging, it shows that all special folders aren't visible through imap. Created Folder of type "EMail" are visible. Looking into the cyrus file/folders confirm that all folders are persisted within cyrus. So I guess some ACL/Config prevent these folders from listing when accessed via a client <> "Roundcube"

    Access via iRony/WebDav works fine.

    What i'f configured wrong? I found no related topic in the Administration Guide...? Any Hints?

  • Kolabian

    Too old version of Kontact, I guess. The imap proxy (guam) filters out non-email folders for clients that don't understand Kolab format (do not send specific commands to tell guam that they support it).

  • I'am using Kontact 5.2.3 (Kubuntu 16.04 + backports). What version is need for either winterfell or kolab 16?

    Or other way around. Is it safe tell guam to "filter" the "non-email folders"? Same Kontact works fine with kolabnow (but i guess they disabling guam completely because k9mail sees the folder too...)

    a short tcpdump shows, that kontact only sends a List Command, followed by LSUB-Command. If i get this right (https://kolabsys.com/about/guam/troubleshooting.html) there is an advertising missing?

  • I have a Kolab Now account (I'm assuming it uses the same code base as the community version) and I'm using the Mail client on macOS. It still shows the special folders (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Files, Configuration) those are not being filtered for this client.

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