Kolab 17 Gone? Replaced by Winterfell and Kolab 18 on the way?

  • Hello,

    I have been watching the Kolab.org project for 18 months. Experimenting with 3.4, 16 and Winterfell. I check in once a week. I have noticed the docs have been updated and the code release name "Kolab 17" has disappeared.

    The change seems to be that "Kolab 17" was to be released Q1 2017 and "Kolab 17" would go gold status Q2 2017. I realize time lines get adjusted. I am confused now.

    Kolab Winterfell (eats babies) seems to have replaced "Kolab 17". And "Kolab 18" is now in the original Winterfell development position.

    I can make some guesses as to why this has happened and I am sure there is good cause. But it would only be a guess. Where can I get a clear statement on the status of "Kolab 17" and what is the time line.

    Thank you for your time.


  • Thank you @PowrrrPlay for noticing that change on https://docs.kolab.org/installation-guide/index.html

    To see the differences, have a look at https://git.kolab.org/rDe4fdcdc2d88b0addb4d989709187145ab5057645

    What I make of it: I guess since there have been some upgrades on Kolab 16 in the past months, it is now considered unnecessary to do a Kolab 17 release.
    So I understand, that Kolab 16 has replaced Kolab 17 in a sense.
    What exactly would you expect from a Kolab 17 release? Which features or bugfixes do we have in Winterfell that are not in Kolab 16 yet?

    I would not make too much out of the change from The most recent version of Kolab is Kolab 16to The most recent version of Kolab is winterfell. It is true, Winterfell is the most recent version. And the next sentence is still there: The current recommended version for supported production deployments is Kolab 16.1.

  • Hi Timotheus,

    Thank you for the response,. Quite true but I am having difficulty with this statement What I make of it: I guess since there have been some upgrades on Kolab 16 in the past months, it is now considered unnecessary to do a Kolab 17 release.
    So I understand, that Kolab 16 has replaced Kolab 17 in a sense.

    There are/were features in Kolab 17, like COLABORA, that were to be released in the 17 package, if I am not mistaken. Seems like the way RoundcubeNEXT was bungled, Kolab 17 has been bungled.

    kolab.org management has more than once backed away quietly after making grand announcements on features and product releases without any comment or direction... seem very misleading and disingenuous. These are my observations, like others have mentioned, from the sidelines.

    If there is communication out there, kolab.org is as clear as mud on the communication aspect. This is more of a management issue which in IMHO goes right to the top.

  • Another thing that was announced greatly was OpenChange, and it is still marked as a critical ticket: https://git.kolab.org/T68
    I liked that feature.
    But it seems upstream is also very quiet. see https://github.com/openchange/openchange/issues/418

    On the other hand: Things that are not implemented in Winterfell, cannot be part of a release. So first development needs to be done, before a release can be considered. It seems, development is slow.

    Another interesting fact: Kolab Now was only recently upgraded to Kolab 16:
    That means things are moving much slower than what you expect when you hear the announcements.

    But to be fair, there are good things happening as well:
    Kolab is available as a plugin for Plesk: https://kolab.org/group-blog/2017/05/04/3-reasons-to-start-using-plesks-premium-email-powered-by-kolab/
    This was the reason why we now have Debian and Ubuntu packages of Kolab 16.

    But you are right, communication by Kolab Systems is very thin. I guess if you become a contributor or if you become a customer, you might have more chances to get more information through personal contact.

    For Roundcube.Next, there was a post on the backers forum (from the fundraising campaign), with details why development has not taken off. Personal stuff, developers leaving for personal reasons, etc.
    Hmm, right now the backers forum is offline: https://roundcubenext.com/ shows 503 Service Unavailable

    The best collection of updates on development is https://kolab.org/blogs/, but that is also very irregularly updated.

  • Hi Timotheus,

    I would really like to keep this thread about my OP. Please do not hi-jack.

    Right now KolabNow is implementing kolab17 features, so they are way ahead of your statement. Collabora is there, what was promised to the community 18 months ago. Shame on Kolab and you for trying to defend.

    Kolab is picking up bate-and-switch selling tactics that is very common in the closed source world. Sad to see this direction in Kolab. I have seen this game before, many times.

  • Hello Tim,

    not sure how to respond.

    I thought we were having a conversation. Better than to be quiet at all.
    I was not hijacking anything. I was saying which parts of Kolab I would like to see improving.

    So you are talking about Collabora.
    At TBits.net, we are not interested in Collabora at the moment. So I have not looked into packaging it for Kolab 16.
    But everyone is welcome to have a look at it. It is all open source. Have a look at https://kolabian.wordpress.com/2016/11/16/collaborative-editing-with-collabora-online-in-kolab/ and also this thread: https://kolab.org/hub/topic/271/kolab-now-and-collabora-open-source/2

    I am not defending anyone. I am trying to find solutions. And encourage more people to participate in Kolab. I know it is a long way.


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