postfix ldap wrong query

  • query_filter = (&(associatedDomain=%s)) i think there is some error in this
    isnt should be something like this
    buecause in first scenerio its not checking if domain is active/suspended or deleted

  • Global Moderator

    It can be whatever you wish it to be, or need it to be, after Kolab is done setting itself up with the bare necessities.

  • i mean in kolab-webadmin for domain you use 3 states active/suspend/deleted, but this does not work if domain is deleted/suspended it always return that domain exists, so in /etc/postfix/ldap/ (and also for multiple domains in multiple DN) files should be

    query_filter =(&(associatedDomain=%s)(inetDomainStatus=active))
    and its not depending form me but in kolab-webadmin managing domains does not work with that

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