Collabora on Kolab 16???

  • First of all let me say what a great software Kolab has become. I am running a kolab server on CentOS 7 and I am quite happy with the possibilities it offers.

    I keep reading announcements about this great Cooperation with Collabora, which I find very promising. Alec wrote in his article on kolabian (, that Collabora can already be installed on winterfell manually. However I can not find any instructions or references on how to do that.

    Since yesterday is posting, that kolab now has Collabora integrated now. Knowing that kolab now has just recently been updated to kolab 16 (not winterfell), I am wondering, if collabora can be manually installed on other kolab 16 servers as well.

    Is anyone willing to share short installation instructions for collabora on kolab 16???

  • Kolabian

    We're using the commercial repository provided by Collabora. It provides Collabora Online packages. There's no free package in Kolab repos yet. CODE is open source so at some point there will be the package, I guess. For full stack you'll need also kolab-wopi package which as I see is already available in Winterfell.

  • Thanks for clarifying that ... is there a timetable for the integration in the winterfell repos?

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