Kolab Now and Collabora = OPEN Source?

  • Just read the press release for kolab now with collabora integration.


    These parts don't quite go along with what alec wrote:

    "The documents you create within Kolab Now enjoy the same extreme privacy protection you get for your email, tasks, calendars and contacts. Your data is stored by us, a Swiss company; using open source, peer-reviewed and audited software; developed by some of the most privacy-conscious engineers in the world; and protected by Switzerland's strictest privacy laws."

    Has anyone here outside of kolab and collabora actualy peer-reviewed that code? As alec stated, right now only the commercial repository provided by collabora is used.

    It surely is nice to advertise yout hosted service as peer-reviewed open source software, but as of now it seems to me it is only derived from open source. If and how kolab iand collabora are violatiing GPL's and are making false marketing claims by not publishing the repos is not my real concern and I am definitely not trying to offend anyone here or bitch about this (though I admit it sure sounds like it :wink:). But naturally I am itching to try it out on my own server. I hope you guys still find the time to publish the open source version in the public repos (and a short documentation) before moving on to the next objective (like chat etc).

  • Kolabian

    Collabora Online is Open Source and anybody can review the code and build a package. https://www.collaboraoffice.com/code/

    We're just using packages from their repositories as a convenience (because we're partners of Collabora and have support contract, etc.), the same as do Kolab Systems' customers with Kolab packages.

  • Kolabian

    And I myself even committed some small code fixes to Collabora Online code: https://cgit.freedesktop.org/libreoffice/online/log/?qt=author&q=Machniak

    So, this is OPEN Source.

  • Alec, I didn't mean to offend and appologize for any misunsterstanding I may have caused. Though I may have wanted to provoke just a little. :wink:

    Nobody doubts kolabs (and especially your) contribution to open source software. And yes,, both kolab and collabora are per se OPEN Source software.

    I only ment to make a case for a bit more general availability of the stuff and technical dokumentation on the stuff you guys are using in kolab now here in the community section. As you can see in other posts, it is sometimes hard to gather usable info on the cutting edge stuff you guys are doing. That might even inspire others to contribute more to the projekt (like timotheus???). From what I see, only kolab ag is working on advancing the code right now. Again, no offense ... just my two (wellmeant) cents ...

    Btw as a backgroundinfo: I just had to move away from another open source projekt that switched to closed source literally over night and that change started by degrading communication with the community. So I may be a little oversuspicious now. Since kolab has just been moving to merging enterprise and community as far as the repos and codebase are concerned, I hope you guys are meaning to do the opposite ... to me open source is more than dumping the code commentless on the internet, it is an interaction with the community ... your posts proved to me, that you are in deed interacting - and I appreciate that! Thx ...

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