Debian: Apache2 crashes on logchange

  • I experience the issue that my apache2 always crashes on logchange, I'm pretty sure that I've already had a solution for that problem on an earlier installation but sadly I can't figure it out anymore.
    As far as I can remember it was something about apache2.conf and a line which forces apache2 to reload the modules or keeping it from reloading them.
    Sadly I can't figrue it out anymore, someone knows what I can do about this?
    I've made a workaround with restarting apache on logrotate but thats not what I have in mind.

  • This is the legendary bug 2050:

    I hope you find the solution in the comments of that bug.

  • Aaaah you're the best. Thats exactly the Thread I was looking for. (

    As an alternative temporary fix to the one mentioned in, you can add the following line to /etc/apache2/envvars:


    That's doin the magic, thx a lot!

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