How is community version upgraded

  • Hello,
    I want to run community Kolab for personal email. Going through the information and this webpage it is not clear for me how is community version maitained.

    Does it mean that community version does not receive any updates/security fixes during a yeat, just with upgrade to the newer version?
    Can anyone share how experience how to run and maintain Kolab community installation?

    thanks for any feedback.

  • For updates in the past, you can see the updates of for example Roundcube in the past months:

    In my personal opinion, the more important question is: do you really want to run a mail server on your own?

    If you know how to run a mail server and have the time to maintain it, then you are very much welcome to be part of the community and help with updating the community packages so that they are always uptodate with security fixes etc.

    You pay either way: either with time (community version), or with money (subscription).

    That is how it works for us at we use the community version, but we know how to fix the community packages, and we contribute to the community version.

  • There are some reasons for me to run own mail server.
    But I'm more admin guy and not sure I have skills to maintain packages. That is reason why I've wanted to by regular license for Kolab, but the minum license number to purchase is 10. And that is little bit high if I need 1 license for now and maybe some more later.

    Anyway thanks for feedback.

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