Kolab-Setup configuration file and supplying passwords from a scripted environment

  • I am coming across a few issues with executing kolab-setup from my docker image build. I cannot find any documentation on what exactly is the syntax and options for the config file that can be supplied to setup-kolab via the command line option: --config=CONFIG_FILE. Is this the same as /etc/kolab/kolab.conf? If so, how can I supply passwords, that would normally be entered and confirmed with user interaction without having any user interaction? I apologize if these questions seem trivial, but I have searched extensively, looked over the supplied documentation, and I simply cannot figure out a way to continue writing my Dockerfile in a manner that does not require direct user interaction in the resulting container. Is a fully automated setup and initial configuration not possible without direct user input? I do plan to share my Dockerfile on GitHub (two variants, one for apache2 and one for nginx) when finished, so no information provided shall go unreciprocated.

    Thanks to all for the help,

  • Hello JB,

    I am looking forward to your docker files.

    I never figured out how to use the --config parameter.

    I added some parameters that make it possible to run the kolab setup without user interaction though.

    I did some docker image a while ago, but it seems that was for Kolab 3.4:
    see https://www.pokorra.de/2015/06/building-a-docker-container-for-kolab-3-4-on-jiffybox/ how I built it.

    More recently (still a year ago) I did a script for deploying Kolab 16 on dply: https://www.pokorra.de/2016/12/installing-kolab-16-for-testing-on-dply-for-free-for-2-hours/
    It comes down to this script: https://github.com/TBits/KolabScripts/blob/KolabWinterfell/dply/reinstallKolab.sh

    and basically this call: setup-kolab --default --mysqlserver=new --timezone=Europe/Berlin --directory-manager-pwd=$pwd

    I know I tried to create a docker image for Kolab 16 in 2016, but I cannot remember the issues I had. It was about privileges etc I think.

    See also the efforts by Jeroen, at https://cgit.kolab.org/docker/tree/ and https://cgit.kolab.org/stick/tree/README. I never got to understand it properly what he is doing there.

    I hope you can get a docker image working again.


  • Thanks so much for the help, I was so focused on trying to solve the problem immediate at hand, I didn't dig around to see what others were doing in regards to scripted deployment.

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