Kolabadmin - unable to edit anything / php ldap error

  • For some reason i checked my Kolab Web Admin and noticed that all is greyed out. After the initial setup seven month ago all works fine and I was able to add/edit users and groups.

    Currently all edit-options are greyed out and I'am unable to edit something.

    After some editing i notices the following errors in '/var/log/kolab-webadmin/errors':
    09-Jan-2018 21:45:19 +0100: [ERROR] (api) Command /usr/lib/mozldap/ldapsearch returned error code: 91
    [09-Jan-2018 21:45:20 Europe/Berlin] PHP Warning: file_put_contents(/tmp/ldap://localhost:389:389-Net_LDAP2_Schema.cache): failed to open stream: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden in /usr/share/php/Net/LDAP2/SimpleFileSchemaCache.php on line 94

    ErrorCode 91 means "the specified hostname or port is invalid." Even the file path look suspicious "/tmp/ldap://localhost:389:389-Net_LDAP2_Schema.cache". I'am currently a little helpless how to further debug the error...

    if I login as a normal user (instead of cn=Directory Manager) i'm able to edit some user values....

    all other functions (Webmail, Cyrus Access, SMTP Access, WebDav-Contacts) works well

  • Kolabian

  • Thanks for that information :)

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