Altering Chwala file upload max size.

  • Hello, everyone.

    I'm running Kolab 16.0 on Debian 8.

    I've attempted to edit /usr/share/chwala/public_html/.htaccess in order to increase the 8 MB file size cap which is set by default. After restarting Apache and even the machine itself, I get the same error message when trying to upload a file within the new size limit (256 MB).

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    In advance, thanks for your attention.

  • Before anyone spends time on this issue. I've narrowed it down to being related to the browsers cache playing tricks on me.

    I'll figure out if php.ini or .htaccess has the dominating value and revert with my answer as soon as possible.

    Right now I feel a great urge to scream into a pillow.


  • /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini seems to be the dominant config file, but I've also set relevant values in /usr/share/chwala/public_html/.htaccess to counter any future changes.

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