Cannot acces "Files" from WAN

  • I have a Kolab 16 system running under Centos 7. It is accessible from WAN, where I use port forwarding for port 443 on the Kolab server. Everything works within the LAN, but from the WAN-side I cannot access the "Files" tasks. Some outer frames are drawn, but no files are shown.

    Looking at the ssl-log files I do not see any errors and there seems nothing wrong at the entries like:

    xx.xx.xx.xx - - [15/Jan/2018:16:34:34 +0100] "POST /webmail/xxxxxxxxxxxx/?_task=files&_action=prefs HTTP/1.1" 200 28

    Email, calendaras, etc are not much different with respect to that.

    Is this a known bug, or a configuration issue?

  • When I access chwala directly, I get the error in chwala.log:

    [15-Jan-2018 17:43:16,504048 +0100]: <0150umj4> PHP Error: Login failed. Unable to connect to ssl://mail.xxxx.xxxx:8182. Error: Connection refused (POST)

    The 8182 looks like the problem and this is the forwarded port from the WAN side, which does not make any sense inside the LAN. In theory there should be a 443, or probably nothing.

  • You can try to modify (or add if it does not exist) this line in /etc/roundcubemail/

    $config['kolab_files_server_url'] = ...;

    I have set it to 'http://localhost/chwala/'. That way Roundcube should communicate directly with Chwala on the localhost, not going through the network and getting confused.

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