Google Search Not Working (1-888-587-9269)On Chrome

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    Google is the most popular search engine used by people from different parts of the world. It is just like an encyclopedia that has all type of answers. Google is the most prominent and leading company has spread its web of services in each section of the market. And people who use Google regularly might face issues or panic in case they find that [Google search not working on Chrome]. There might be many reasons for Google not working. Let us discuss what are the issues and how to resolve the same.

    Reasons for Google Search Not Responding

    First, let us come to know what are the reasons behind Google search not working on Chrome. As there might be many reasons and knowing about the causes first will make you apprentice so that you may solve the issues in future.

    Improper internet connection

    Accumulation of history, caches, thumbnails etc.

    The notification interface of any antivirus application.

    And there might be many other reasons that lead to [Google search not working] on Chrome. Let us now tell you the solutions related to it.

    Learn How to Fix Google Search Not Working Issue

    To fix the issues, the user may follow below ways to troubleshooting.

    In case, the Internet is not working then you may contact the internet service provider.

    The user may also clear the history and accumulated caches from Chrome’s Settings option.

    Another way to fix the issue is either stop the antivirus application from performing its function or may uninstall the application.

    Even after following the steps above you are not able to fix your Google search issue then you may contact Google Support for help.

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