Kolab 16 CentOS 7, problem with files

  • I have done a fresh install of Kolab 16 on CentOS7, following the installation guide from the documentation. Everything seems to be working except files. Trying to add a folder from the files view, clicking on the plus sign, nothing happens. I can add new files folders from the folder page in settings, but they do not show up in the folders view. Have I missed something obvious, or should files "just work" on a new installation?

  • I have tried some more, and logged in to .../chwala from there can I both see added folders and upload files. If I upload files to a folder in chwala and then log on to roundcube, and go to the folder page in settings, is the number of messages for a folder equal to the number of files I have uploaded from chwala. The files view still shows nothing and other files integration such as saving a file to cloud, from a mail does nothing. What log files should I look in for errors about this?

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