Kolab 16, Tags run amok

  • Hallo!
    I added a new Tag to about 40 emails at once with the result that all 40 mails have about 40 times the same tag.
    The imap-process runs up to 100% and takes some minutes until I can see my inbox in Roundcube.

    For now i had to disable the tag-plugin in Roundcube to get a usable webmail.

    I searched my configfolder in the imap-spool for the Tag ("abwesend") and found more than 4500 files containing this word.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>^M
    <configuration xmlns="http://kolab.org" version="3.0">^M
      <prodid>Roundcube-libkolab-1.1 Libkolabxml-1.2</prodid>^M

    All those Files are created within a few Minutes and all look exactly the same.

    I really would like to have back my Tags working... but i have no idea how....

  • Kolabian

    Provide precise steps on how did you select messages? It was a search result, select-all, select-page or select-with-ctrl? Did the tag exist before or you created it and marked messages in one go? What version of roundcubemail-plugins-kolab package? What browser did you use?

  • I selected the first message, hold shift -> scrolled down to the last message i wanted and marked all 40 messsages with the left mouse-button. (10 Messages in the view left unselected).

    The Tag did not exist before, i entered a new name for it.

    i was unable to delete the tag after this, when deleting one tag out of the list of the 40 same tags they all disappeared, but after pressing F5 they were back again.

    i updated the plugins to 3.3-1.4.el7.kolab_16.noarch some hours after deactivating the tag-plugin, but no change. Yum log shows me that i installed 3.3-1.3 on February 6 so I expect this was the active version as the problem occurred.
    Feb 06 19:12:18 Updated: roundcubemail-plugin-kolab_tags-assets-3.3-1.3.el7.kolab_16.noarch
    Mar 04 17:35:20 Updated: roundcubemail-plugin-kolab_tags-assets-3.3-1.4.el7.kolab_16.noarch

    Browser is Chrome Version 48.0.2564.103 m

  • Kolabian

    I have only Kolab Winterfell and I can't reproduce this issue. I'm hearing however about this from time to time since the kolab_tags has been created.

    Are you able to reproduce this reliably?

    To clean the redundant tags you have to go to Folder > Settings and remove all messages in Configuration folder. This will unfortunatelly remove all tag/links information. Other option is to go to mail spool, remove invalid files and do mailbox reconstruct.

  • Hello, thanks for the tips.
    Is there a way to temporary disable guam so i can search for the configs with thunderbird or a second Server with Roundcube on it?
    I tried to connect to port 9993 which does not work.

    As i have been told there are some more users on my server which have issues with double tags so i don´t want to delete the whole configs.

  • Did a search with grep and deleted (moved away) all affected mails and after this a restore fixed it for me.

    For now i had only a hand full of users which had this Problem. But what if 50 or even more users are affected?

    I can not reproduce this so i have no idea how to avoid this.

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