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  • When HP office Jet Pro 8610 is showing offline status, it simply indicates that it does not communicate with the computer properly that goes finally to an offline printer status. It is one of the most common technical errors that you can face during the printer setup. Here, few important troubleshooting steps are suggested by expert technicians to fix HP Printer Offline error in the right ways.
    Check Printer Connection-
    Firstly, you need to reset the printer and then check the status of printer. You could see if the printing task is continuing in the queue or if the device is sluggish. The connection is usually restored when you restart the printing machine. Then, you have to check wired and wireless connections and configuration and connectivity of HP Printer to the wireless network in the proper ways.
    Steps to Fix HP Officejet Pro 8610 Printhead Error 0xc19a0040:

    Step1: Open doors give access to print head wait for it to become idle.
    Step2: Detach all cables and lift cartilage handle.
    Step3: Hold print head from both sides and pull it slightly without affecting cartilages.
    Step4: Now, insert print head after cleaning it.
    Step5: Reconnect all the cables and switch it on.

    Step1: Open cartilage head and check whether it is connected to chip or not.
    Step2: Detach cartilage and clean it using damp napkin dip in distilled water.
    Step3: Check copper colored place free from dirt.
    Step4: Repeat steps 1 to 3 steps for remaining cartilages.
    Step5: If error is not resolved change ink cartilages.

    Step1: Now, press e-print button located on the printer and wait for status.
    Step2: Select settings button located on the bottom of the screen.
    Step3: Now press printer update button and wait to get it update.

    Step1: Open control panel while login in admin mode.
    Step2: Click on windows update and select check for updates.
    Step3: Install all the updates and restart the computer

    Step1: Switch on the printer and wait till it gets silent.
    Step2: Remove all the attached cable while the printer is on.
    Step3: Disconnect power cable and wait for 1 minute.
    Step4: Now, reconnect all the cable and wait for printer to switch on and check 8610 error 0xc19a0040 is fixed.

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