Microsoft Outlook not receiving emails on Windows 10

  • Microsoft Outlook has always worked in favor of its customers by providing various valuable technical solutions to its users. One of the most prominent features of Microsoft is the presence of Microsoft outlook a modern email interface. In today’s time, various people across the globe use Microsoft to enjoy an awesome experience. No doubt most of the individuals are successful in receiving this awesome experience. But to add to your sad experience, there is a gloomy side of using Microsoft Outlook also. Sometimes Outlook faces different problems while working on Windows 10. One of the most prominent solutions in this regard is Outlook not receiving emails. So, have a glance at some of the possible solutions to these issues.

    Steps to rectify the problems of Outlook not receiving emails:

    The most common issue can be due to internet connectivity. The first and basic step that you should take to solve your problem is by checking internet connectivity to your device.

    As you have checked the internet is working fine, let’s check for some other options, You can check for whether you are able to send emails to another email id or not.

    You can also check if you are able to receive emails from another window or on your android device.

    You can also disable the window defender security to ensure you are able to receive emails on your Windows 10 device.

    To make sure you are able to receive you can also try removing your outlook account and then adding it again. This might resolve your problem in the first place.

    You can do so by clicking on Start Menu and then browsing to Mail option.

    Click on Manage accounts and select your account which you want to delete.

    After following, all these steps, if you are not able to sort out the issue related to Outlook not receiving emails, then it is important to take some alternate steps. You can contact Outlook customer support. If you are in a jiffy, you can also contact any renowned third-party support after making complete research in this regard.

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