how to recover yahoo password without security question

  • Know about the ways to recover Yahoo password without security question
    Yahoo provides an email service to their user which is named as Yahoo mail. There are different plans for the users that vary according to personal use and businesses. It has various features like sending and receiving of emails, online advertising, etc.
    The user needs an email and password for accessing the Yahoo mail. If the user enters the correct details while signing-in, then the email can be accessed otherwise the access is denied in case of Yahoo Password Recovery without Phone Number. The cause of denied access is usually a lost or forgotten password. The password can be recovered by Yahoo Password recovery procedure:

    1. The procedure begins when the user launches the Yahoo Sign-in helper page.
    2. It will ask the user to enter the email address whose password needs to be recovered.
    3. After entering the email address, it will ask to verify the phone number associated with the account. If the user has that phone number, then that method for recovery can be chosen and the verification code will be received on the phone which is used for creating a new password. In case, the number is not known, then the next process is followed.
    4. In the next step, there is a recovery email which belongs to the user. When it is identified, the verification code or link is sent on that email and user can create a new password.
    5. The new password can then be used for Signing-in to the account.
      If any assistance regarding the issues is required, the technical support department can be contacted. The info for reaching the customer service can be found on the webpage owned by Yahoo.

    On final if still unable to recover password then dial 1(877)201-3822 for instant help.

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