How to backup and sync Google Drive

  • One of the best advantages of having a Google account is that you are provided with the amazing service of Google Drive where you can store up to 15 GB of data. Besides, being an amazing service there are chances that some users might need assistance while sync or creating a backup. So, today in this article, you will be provided with the solution on how to backup and sync google drive. By following this simple procedure you can easily access your Google Drive files by creating a backup locally on your device no matter what happens in the cloud.

    Procedure to sync and backup Google drive

    The procedure provided in this article is quite simple. You are just required to follow the instructions carefully in order to get the desired results. However, if you face any issue, you can contact Google Drive customer service for help.

    For this procedure, you need to enter the stated address in the URL tab

    After that, you need to click on Download button under Personal head.

    Further, agree with the terms and conditions to download the file.

    Then, run the installer file to install the backup and sync file.

    Once done, you need to click on the Close button.

    Thereafter, open the backup and sync app and click on the Get Started button.

    After that, sign in your Google account after which you can view all the folders.

    Then, check the folders from your device which you wish to sync with Google drive. ( Remove the tick mark from the folders which you don’t wish to sync with the drive)

    After that, click on the change button to select the files for which you wish to create a backup. For creating a backup of all files, check backup all files and folders. And for only photos and videos, you need to click on backup photos and videos option. For extension, you wish to avoid, you can add it under advanced settings.

    Further, click on Next followed by Got it for completing the process.

    Once done, you need to check Sync My Drive to this computer option to access your backup files through your device.

    And with the completion of this process, backup and sync process for Google drive is completed. However, if you have queries, you can contact Google Drive phone number for assistance.

    Hence, next time when you wish to backup your files with Google Drive, simply follow the procedure provided or reach out to support.

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