How to Recover Google Account Password For Android Phone

  • Are you not able to log into your Google account with the password that you remember? Then it might be either your account has been hacked or you would have forgotten your password. The first thing that you have to do is that you do not have to panic. To know how to recover Google account password for Android phone you have to read this article patiently. This article will give the test to all your questions.

    Simple steps to Recover Your Google Account

    With the advancement in technology, users now use their Google account on any of the Android-driven phones. This makes the Google account easy to access and do the stuff. In case, you have forgotten your password due to which not able to log into the account then you can recover Google account with various simple steps explained below.

    Method 1: Recovery Through Mobile Number

    Unlock your phone and go to the web browser of the phone.

    When the web browser is displayed in front of you, enter the Google recovery page where you will be asked to enter your email address.

    Enter the email that you want to recover and tap enter.

    You will be asked to enter the last password which you remember. As you do not remember your password tap on “Try Another Method”.

    Google will now ask to send the verification code to your linked phone number. Tap on “Send Text” option.

    Check your linked phone number SMS box where the code will be sent. Enter the same code on the space provided on the screen and tap “Continue”.

    Google will now ask you to create the new password. Enter the password which is easy for you to remember and tap “OK”.

    Your password will be changed and you can try to log into the account with a new password.

    Method 2: Recovery By Answering Security Question

    Unlock your phone and go to the web browser.

    Go to Google account recovery for Android page and enter your email address.

    When the password will be asked, tap on “I forgot the password” and you will be asked to enter an old password which you remember.

    If you want to use any other method then tap on “Try another Method”.

    You will be asked to choose any one option. Tap on “Answering security Question” option.

    The security will be displayed in front of you. Answer the question correctly and then tap “Enter”.

    Google will allow you to create a new password with the help of which you can log into your account.

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