Google voice search not working

  • Google voice search is a product developed by Google in which the users are allowed to use the option of Google Search just by speaking on the mobile phone or computer. All the info or data of the device can be searched just by speaking what needs to be searched.

    Google voice search is a very efficient and convenient method of searching data from the phones. In case, if the user is facing the issue of Google voice search not working on android phone, then the below listed ways can be tried to fix the issue:

    Google voice search is enabled

    The user needs to check if the Google voice Search is enabled or not on the android phone. It can be checked by following steps:

    The Home button is touched and held for a few seconds.

    There is a grey colored option in the right corner on top that should be tapped.

    The ‘more’ icon at the top right which has three-dots is then tapped.

    Then the ‘Settings’ is chosen.

    Under the option of Devices, there is sub-menu. The user’s device is tapped.

    Then check if ‘OK Google’ and Google assistant are turned on not.

    Check microphone on Phone

    If the Google voice search is still not working, then the microphones of the phone should be checked. As the ‘OK Google’ service is a voice recognition application, proper working of microphone is must. It can be done by checking the microphone option in the phone. Else the recorder can be used for recording the voice and then by playing the recording, the working of microphones can be checked.

    Update Google App

    If the above methods do not work, then the user can try updating the Google App in the Play Store. It can be done by following steps:

    The Google play store icon is tapped on the Android phone.

    Then tap on Update which will provide the latest updated version.

    The latest version will be working once the ‘installed’ word comes up on the screen.

    There are some other ways also by which the issue of Google voice search not working can be resolved.

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