New to Kolab

  • I am new to Kolab and had two questions:

    Is this just an imap server and not an smtp server so it would still require postfix or qmail or dovecot?

    Is Kolab supported on Debian 8? i see that there was some blog posts about this but not entirely sure on this situation as well.

  • btw dovecot is not smtp server.

    Kolab is combine, with php (web admin panel) and python(admin api) , written by sausage fingers students..
    Kolab consist of Postfix (smtp), Cyrus (imap), ldap (userdatabase) ++roundcube/amavis etc..

    There is no deb repo for actual kolab version yet. Only for centos/redhat

  • What about this for the installation on Debian?

  • I am quite sure that 3.3 or 3.4 is no longer supported. At this time last version available is Kolab 16 and is only on Centos 7 for the moment.

  • That's a bit confusing I thought that Winterfell was bleeding edge?

  • Kolab Winterfell eats babies, for breakfast. To my knowledge is a development branch not ready for production.

  • Is it possible to change the default ports without breaking Kolab?

  • @espresso Change the port to what exactly? There is a bunch of stuff in there.

  • I am using a smtp relay service so i would need to utilize an alternative smtp server to get around the block that my ISP imposes. The problem is that they are the only ISP in the area so to get this unblocked means paying a huge monthly fee.

  • For Zimbra there is a command, is there something similar for Kolab? Or is it just manually changing the postfix config file?

  • If you want to change smtp port for postfix, reconfigure the to suit your necessity.

  • Is Kolab able to function with an smtp relay or is this in winterfell?

  • That is just a postfix configuration. Edit /etc/postfix/main.cp and add relayhost = fqdn/ip then systemctl restart postfix.service.

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