1-833-295-0612 How to recover yahoo password without security question

  • Many people have lost access to their yahoo accounts as a result of password lost. The most annoying thing is when you try to recover your password through the “forgot your password” link and it prompts you to answer your security questions.

    Most people might have forgotten the answers or worst still, they did not even know at all because somebody helped them to sign up the account in the first place and they are not even aware of any security question. This can be very frustrating.

    Recently, my close friend lost access to his cherished twitter account. When he tried to recover the twitter account, he was directed to his yahoo account with which he signed up the twitter account. This yahoo account, he has lost access to for a very long time due to inability to answer the security questions. He contacted me and we were able to recover the yahoo account by going through this simple process.
     Steps to Recover Your Yahoo Account When You Forgot Your Security Questions:

    1.    Sign up another email account with similar details as the yahoo account you want to recover. I advise  you sign up a new gmail account if you don’t have one already, but it is good to have similar details; like the, User ID, Names, Age, Address,  e.g. if example@yahoo.com is the account you are trying to recover, sign up to example@gmail.com. If it is not available, vary it but make is similar.

    2.    Visit this link
      and follow the steps.

    3.    Select “password and sign in”

    4.    Select ‘forgot my security question & answer”

    5.    Click on envelope icon

    6.    Fill the form online as provided. Note: all portions asterisked are compulsory.

    You will receive a message in your newly registered Gmail. Reply the massage by providing 
    a.    the yahoo account you want to recover 
    b.    your new gmail account
    c.    your mobile number

    You will receive a message on your new gmail account directing you to a recovery link. Follow the link and you are done.

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