How to Recover Hotmail Password Without Security question

  • Method 1. Reset Hotmail password with secondary email address

    1.   Enter on a specific web browser and press enter
    2.   After that, page will automatically get redirected to
    3.   Click on the link Forgotten my password and the new web page with three options will be displayed
    4.   The three options you see on the computer or mobile screen are “ I’ve forgotten my password”, “I know my password, but can’t sign in” and “I think someone else is using my Microsoft account”
    5.   Select the first option “I’ve forgotten my password”, by clicking on the radio button and press the next button
    6.   A new web page is opened with the message “Enter your email address or phone number” and fill the captcha code in the button provided alongside before clicking the button next.
    7.   Once the next button is pressed, a new web page with the message is displayed “We need to verify the identity.”
    8.   Going down on the same web page , three options are displayed “email:”, “Text ********67” and “I don’t have any of these”.
    9.   Select the option “”  and click on the button send code
    10. Once the 4 digit code is received on the alternate email address, just enter the same on the webpage and verify the same.

    11. Once the code is validated successfully, the new web page is displayed with Hotmail password reset option.

    12. Provide the secured password twice and press on the button

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    1. A new message is displayed. The process to reset Hotmail password is completed successfully.

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